Flow of Shree

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Anahí Ramírez

I am a yogini, mother & healing facilitator with a great passion for natural health and finding balance by connecting to Mother Nature's rhythm. When I was introduced to Hatha Yoga in my teens, a new world opened up for me. The studies and practising of yoga and nature-based healing traditions, have brought essential tools on my own healing journey, through dark landscapes, sweet sunrises and deep joy. During the last years, I’ve gone deeper into the studies, practice & teachings of both Womb Yoga with emphasis on Pregnancy Yoga and Embodied Flow/Yin. And treatment wise, Thai Yoga Massage. I’m very grateful and blessed for having met and studied with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Biff Mithoefer, Anja Bergh, Leila Sadeghee, and Satu Toumela.

My call and desire is, to offer a sacred space for healing and growth for individuals who seek it. And with great love, share a yoga and offer healing sessions that emphasize a therapeutic and holistic attitude that is nourishing and grounding.

Having yoga & meditation as tools to guide me through my own pregnancy and the birth of my daughter, is something I'm ever so grateful to have experienced. I'm honoured to be invited to share these practices and techniques with others on their journey through pregnancy, birth postpartum, and Baby Blessing Ceremonies and making these events ones to celebrate and hold sacred. 


Thank you, Mother Earth and your ancient wisdom and medicine you're passing on for the next generation to bloom and grow. And, Thank you, teachers, fellow light workers and every being that has crossed and will be crossing my path on this magical mystery tour that is life.